Sara W’s Story

Submitted December 11th, 2001

I became ill at age 34, am now 54. Had been VERY busy building new home, doing part of the labor etc, hence exposing myself to toxins. Had two active preteens, and helped my husband in his office. Woke one more hit by a train?????? Was misdiagnosed with hypoglycemia. My husband is a chiropractor and I think that chiropractic and the holistic links I made there saved my life at first. We attended a seminar in Boston for three days on regaining health. I started on 80+ vitamins a day, coffee enemas daily, and diet. I was healed in two to three months. I always had a fatigue issue, but dealt with it without much problems. Had a good busy half day, slept before kids home, and then had good night. Three years ago I went down hill fast. My holistic MD (a 74 year old teddie bear) immediately diagnosed parasites. He sent for a parasite cleanse from a compounding pharmacy. I was up an running in two weeks. I was so healthy my family thought I was manic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feeling the best I had been in 20 years I put myself in a toxic situation, i.e. went back to work for my husband. I worked 12 hour days, 7 day weeks, and ate terribly. I crashed in late January after abusing myself for 5 months. I was in bed for almost two months. This time my doctor did the whole page of tests. I have CFS and he has pulled me out of that second crash once again. I must take care of myself, but am in a good remission. At the time of my first crash I had all the mercury out of my mouth, and the hypoglycemic symptoms went away, and I started eating sugar. I’ve gone off all sugars again, and know that is helping me greatly. I give myself B12 shots daily, and take a minimum vitamins. I had most of the same symptoms of the “Fat Lady”, and would like to help her or any others get to the level of recovering I am experiencing. I can be reached at

God Bless,
Sara W.

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