Hypothyroidism and Breast Cancer – Modern Day Epidemic

Submitted by Sherrie


Millions of women world over fall prey to life-altering diseases like breast cancer and hypothyroidism on a regular basis.  Both these conditions are vastly prevalent, onset can be at an early age and are difficult to detect.

The wide spread belief is that breast cancer only affects women who are above 40 years of age but it can affect women as early as their teens. Though this percentage is not very high, the fact is that it happens! Similarly, hypothyroidism is more common in older women, generally above 60 years, but can be seen in young adults even in their early twenties and thirties!

It would be of great help to patients suffering from these conditions if there was some easily available medication which would be effective yet affordable and cause minimal inconvenience but won’t hinder the healing process.

Here we will discuss in detail these conditions and two treatment options which are easily available and may prove to be important treatment alternatives.

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