Trish’s Story

My second child (Josie) was born to us on February 11, 2002. As it happened with my first child (Joshua), my placenta did not deliver and I had to go to the OR for a manual removal. When I woke up, however, I had a D&C and a blood transfusion done as my blood pressure dropped to around 54/32.

Ever since May 10 (approximately) I have had daily headaches (ranging from mild to very severe) and eye sight troubles (especially behind and in my right eye) as well as fatigue, insomnia, oily skin, acne, irritability, forgetfulness, occasional hot flashes and weight gain. When I spoke to my family doctor he said that he was concerned that I might have Sheehan’s Syndrome so he ordered a C/T scan to be done.

During this time I noticed that my daughter was waking several more times than usual in the night wanting to breast-feed and she was very restless throughout the day when she tried to eat. On the advice of a friend I tried pumping some milk out to supplement her during her restless nights and to my shock and horror I could only pump 1 ounce from both breasts together! I decided to supplement her with formula throughout that night to build my milk so that I could pump again in the morning. 12 hours after the trial of the night before I tried pumping again and I only had 2 ounces in both breasts combined! I made an appointment for that day to see my doctor and he sent me for a C/T scan right away. Unfortunately, however, there was not enough information there so he sent me for an MRI (the closest location for an MRI is 5 hours away).

I had a bunch of blood work done to see how my hormone levels are doing. Oddly enough all came back within the “normal” range. Last week we received the report from the MRI and it was quite confusing, to say the least. In the begining of the report the radiologist said that there was a 5mm infarction in the anterior pituitary and it looked as though it might be a cyst with spinal fluid in it, and that there was no sign of hemorrhage within the gland. Then, later on in the report, it said that there looks like there is a hemorrhage.  The diagnosis? Well, last I heard my doctor’s office was setting up an appointment for me to see an endocrinologist (again 5 hours away from where we live).

So, that’s my story up until now (quite a lot for not even 5 months!)  If anyone is out there who has any good advice for me, I would sure appreciate it as I do not personally know anyone who has this sort of disorder.

 Your friend in the pits,

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