July 17, 2000

It has been a lovely summer so far. I have been swimming every day with my 6-year-old grandson. I am Wanda the whale and he is the shark. Wanda’s goal is to try and catch the shark! Well, that kid can swim! I can hardly keep up with him.

You can imagine my horror when I burst out of my swimsuit yesterday! Thank goodness for a six-foot fence around my yard! Puts one off eating for a while! Now I will have to make a trip to the city and go through the nightmare of trying on swimsuits. I shudder at the thought of standing in front of a dressing room mirror in my birthday suit. That is the stuff that nightmares are made of. Of course they would never have a size to fit me right here in town. I probably will need a super large.

I had a phone call from Old Man on June 30th. He called to tell me he had received a copy of my 24-hour Urine lab report from Blonde Bimbo. He informed me that he was scheduling a CT Scan of my adrenal glands and pituitary gland as soon as possible. I asked him what the 24-hour urine test had revealed. He told me it was neither here nor there but that he was concerned enough to order the scans.

On July 14, 2000 I received a letter from Blonde Bimbo telling me that all my tests including the 24-hour urine were normal. The letter also stated that there was nothing wrong with me and that I needed no further treatment. Chalk one up for the Blonde Bimbo! Are there any trustworthy endocrinologists out there?

This morning I got a call from the Old Man’s clinic telling me that my CT Scans are booked for August 10th, 2000.

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