May 1, 2001

My follow up appointment with the Gypsy was on April 25th. She told me that she had written to No Name and asked him to refer me to Supercilious at the city hospital. Gypsy claimed that Supercilious was a nice man who would take my symptoms very seriously. We will see if she is a good judge of character.

Gypsy wrote the following summary letter to No Name after my April 25th visit. She started the letter off with, “In view of Widebertha’s phlebitis, I would actually shy away from Evista or hormone replacement therapy. I’ve reviewed all the results and some of the answers may come when Widebertha has her CT Scan of her brain on May 23. I can’t come up a unifying diagnosis that accounts for all of her symptoms. She again focuses on her polydipsia and I think that there is a possibility that this could be a psychogenic polydipsia.” (Interesting how the medical professionals always insist I focus on only one symptom – in this case it being polydipsia. I am no more concerned about polydipsia than I am about all my symptoms. Try explaining this to the doctors. The equal concern for all my symptoms is a concept they just cannot grasp. Writing that I am focused on one symptom alone is twisting the truth just enough to make me sound suspicious.)

She then went on to write, “However, it could be that we find something on the CT Scan of her head. If she has a true fluid deprivation test and has repeat electrolytes done then quite likely her sodium will start to climb if she truly does have DI. I have told Widebertha that I cannot come up with a diagnosis for her but I do think that it is worthwhile sending her on to another endocrinologist. I have suggested to her that she see Supercilious at the city hospital. He not only has an Endocrine Clinic, he also has a general internal medicine Clinic and he should be fairly easy to get her in to. I think that Widebertha thinks she has Cushing’s disease but with her normal screening cortisols being within normal limits, I cannot at this point advocate any further testing based on what we have done so far.”

Gypsy thinks I think I have Cushing’s disease! How do you like that? Imagine, she actually believes that I sit here with bated breath waiting for a Cushings diagnosis! If MDs are so clever, how is it that they do not realize that all I want is to have my healthy body back! Just goes to show you how important it is to get copies of your medical files. It is the only way I know of to find out exactly what your doctor thinks of you and how he plans to progress with your treatment.

I get the feeling that Squirt, No Name and Gypsy have decided that they will prove I am fat, depressed and menopausal no matter what the cost! All I want is for someone, somewhere to pay attention to and successfully treat my symptoms. Really is that too much to ask?

Our mechanics take better care of our cars than some doctors take care of our bodies. Trust me a mechanic’s salary is not in the same income bracket as an MD’s. However if a mechanic screwed up a repair on our cars the way I believe that MD’s often screw up our diagnosis they would be in serious trouble. We would rant and rave and report the mechanics to the Better Business Bureau. We would tell our friends and acquaintances to stay clear of them. Mechanics do not have the luxury of burying their mistakes. Doctors on the other hand, are accountable to no one. Oh sure they have their “old boy’s club”, namely the College of Physicians and Surgeons, an organization that is made up of their fellow MD’s.

I have also been told that doctors are required to take an oath part of which reads, “Above all else do no harm.” I am living proof of the harm done when MD’s do not take the time and make an effort.



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