January 14, 2002


Today is a day I will not soon forget. Today I went to the appointment with the doctor of internal medicine. I spent from 2:30 – 5:30 with the doctor and resident. Since I am absolutely and completely exhausted, I will give you a quick recap of my day and fill in the blanks after I have absorbed the news.

From now on I will refer to the doctor of internal medicine as Dingaling. I will refer to the resident as Quite Bright.

According to Dingaling and Quite Bright I have right side heart failure. Why, they cannot tell me. How, they cannot tell me. I had an EKG, xray and blood work right after the appointment. Apparently the EKG showed an AV blockage. I have to go back first thing in the morning for a PV Scan. They are checking my lungs for blood clots. All I have been told so far is that my weight gain, edema, sleep problems, restless and cramping legs, fatique, high blood pressure etc. can all be symptoms of right side heart failure.

They have not explained the deteroiation of my perpherial vision, the weight loss of 34 lbs and the potassium loss. In fact there are a whole list of symptoms they have not explained. Quite Bright told Dingaling that she felt I needed to be investigated for Cushings. She felt I had right side heart failure and possibly Cushings. Dingaling told her that I could not have Cushings since I had been seen by endocrinologists.

I am in a state of shock.

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