August 17, 2002

The weather was lovely yesterday; turned muggy and weird today. Hopefully we get a few more weeks of hot temperatures before the cold weather arrives. In these parts it is not unheard of to have an early frost at the end of August.

Late Thursday night I made a decision which could very well back fire on me. I made copies of a number of the emails which I had received from the Hormone Doctor, emails that I had received between September, 2000 and August, 2002. I delivered these emails to No Name’s office on Friday morning. No Name was out but his secretary assured me she would give him the envelope containing the emails first thing on Monday morning. I can only hope and pray that No Name has a better reaction to the information in these emails than Squirt did.

I always go to my mom and dad’s for lunch on Friday. I really treasure this time with the two of them. Often it is just the three of us and we get a chance to talk and reminisce.

After our lunch on Friday, my dad came back to my place and we worked on our project. My dad was a CO during World War 11 and I am putting together a pictorial booklet as a keepsake of those times. I must say that this project has been very enjoyable as has the time we have spent together.

Wonder what No Name’s reaction to the emails will be? I have an appointment with him on August 21.



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