October 22, 2002

On September 16th, 2002 my diary entry was called “At Risk for Losing Treatment Options?”   I included a number of links that tell the story of Dr. Derry.

The following exerpt was taken from:   http://www.bites-medical.org/dderry/

“On June 11, 2002, the College of Physicians & Surgeons of British Columbia succeeded in temporarily suspending the medical licence of Dr. Derry, a Victoria, British Columbia MD who has successfully treated about two thousand thyroid patients. His success was often after specialists had been unable to help these patients. The College did this after removing Dr. Derry’s thyroid prescribing privileges in November 2001 and assuring a Supreme Court judge in December 2001 to investigate Dr. Derry’s thyroid treatment practices. Instead of carrying out their court assurances, they looked through files of Dr. Derry’s patients +with other health conditions, and used the non-thyroid-related deaths of two patients as grounds for suspending his licence.

The College had thus left Dr. Derry without the ability to prescribe thyroid medication for seven months, and then without the means to earn a living. This interim suspension had been planned to coincide shortly before summer, when the College Executive Council members would be taking vacations. All this had happened without a fair investigation into Dr. Derry’s treatment and despite his huge success in treating thyroid patients.

On June 25, a Supreme Court judge, Mr. Justice Pitfield, stated that self-governing bodies must be more accountable. Unless the College holds an investigation into Dr. Derry’s treatment by September 30, 2002, the suspension of Dr. Derry’s thyroid prescribing privileges and medical licence will no longer be valid. This investigation, if it takes place, must be based on clear evidence.

The College will tell you that this hearing is about a doctor whose treatment is “dangerous.” Patients of Dr. Derry will tell you that it’s about a witchhunt of a successful MD who treats patients the way he was taught in medical school because it works—but which doesn’t fall in line with what pharmaceutical companies push or what sometimes misleading lab results may indicate.”

Dr. David Michael Derry – Disciplinary Action

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