September 7, 2002

natureboycartoonone.jpg.w300h394Today was my long awaited appointment with the Naturopathic doctor, whom I shall call Nature Boy.  My appointment started at 10:30 AM.   We spent the better part of the appointment going over my medical history and my symptoms.  He was shocked that I had been left without a thyroid supplement from April 3, 1998 to July 25, 1998.

Just to recap, I had RAI done on April 3, 1998.  I was told if I came down with flu like symptoms to call the Blonde Bimbo’s office.  My RAI follow up appointment was scheduled for July 25th because the Blonde Bimbo was going on six weeks vacation and that was the earliest I could see her after my RAI.  I called and complained about a 32 day migraine and 32 days of hemorrhaging but was told that migraines and hemorrhaging were not symptoms of going hypothyroid.  I suffered until my appointment on July 25th, 1998 at which time I had a TSH of 37.  Needless to say I was bloated and feeling very sick; the skin between my fingers was cracking.  Nature Boy informed me that this delay in providing me with a thyroid supplement would have caused permanent damage to my body.

Nature Boy confirmed that the jolts I get at night are possible; he has heard of them before.  He confirmed that a 100 pound weight gain in four months was not because of food consumption.  He asked me how long my tongue had been this colour.  I told him I had no idea since I never really looked at my tongue.  I thought at first that he was kidding but he was deadly serious.  He told me to go look in the mirror which I did.  Apparently my tongue is white and this seemed to have a lot of significance for him.  He commented about the dark spots and patches I have on my arms and hands.  I told him they were old marks from bruises and blood tests that never go away.

Nature Boy told me that after listening to me relate my symptoms and looking at my physical features he was positive that I had adrenal failure.  He told me he would not be surprised if I had the early stages of Addison’s disease.

Nature Boy has arranged for me to come back to see him next week at which time he will do a series of blood tests to confirm his diagnosis.  He will also do a food intolerance test at that time.

Nature Boy gave me an Adrenal Supplement.  I am to take two tablets four times a day.  He also told me to mix an electrolyte solution containing 16 oz. of water, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon baking soda and lemon juice to taste.  I am to sip this concoction all day.  Apparently I would get sick if I tried to drink it all at once.  I am to get some iodine and paint a one inch circle on my arm and observe how long it takes to disappear.

I find it very interesting that Nature Boy and the Hormone Doctor have the same opinion about my health problems.  The Hormone Doctor’s August 8th email mentions the very same conclusion that Nature Boy gave me today.  Makes me wonder if they aren’t right.

This morning was a real rush.  Grandson spent the night which meant I had to get up and help him get ready for school.  I cheated and took him to McDonald’s for a quick breakfast.  Grandson complained that he was not feeling well so I wrote a note to his teacher telling her that he could call me or his papa if he continued to feel unwell.   Of course Grandson called at 10:00 AM, an hour after school started.  I rushed over to the school to pick him up and then dropped him off at his papa’s office.  I needed to get to my appointment with the Naturopathic doctor.  I picked Grandson up just before noon and then the two of us went to have lunch with my mom and dad.

After lunch we came back home and I had a sleep while Grandson played Nintendo.  We had to leave for the Mall at 3:30 PM.  I had to mind the registration table for Grandson’s Ukrainian Dance Club from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  By the time I got home I was over tired and suffering from a rather nasty pain in the centre just below my ribs.

A new gym opened in town in August.  I made the mistake of attending their open house and before I knew I joined.  The gym provides a good work out regime; 30 seconds at each station.  The total workout takes 30 minutes and you can do it at your own speed.  With this workout you alternate between 30 seconds on the machines and 30 seconds running on the spot.  Needless to say I walk slowly on the spot and usually hang onto a machine for balance.  I have to admit I am not a pretty sight.  The owners of the gym must be thankful that there is only one of me.   I am lucky if I manage 5 rotations on the machine; the recommended rotations are between 10 and 14.  I have been doing this at least three times a week since August 20th.   After the workout we are suppose to do some cool down exercises.  I dare not get on the floor; it would be too embarrassing to have to crawl to a chair to drag myself back up on my feet.  I only do the ones that allow me to stand upright and hang onto the railing.  Pretty pathetic is how I would describe it.  When I leave the workout I drag my butt out the door looking like a whale struggling on the beach.   My goal is to be able to walk out the door after a workout gasping and struggling to remain upright.

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