January 27, 2003

Sometimes one must write about the good things in life.  A grandson is such a joy and wonder.  He makes life so much more enjoyable and interesting.  This past weekend was spent doing “fun” things.

Friday night Grandson came over for his weekly sleep over.  The three of us watched “Lord of the Rings”.   On Saturday morning Papa took him to a special Ukrainian dance practice for the boys in the Ensemble.  Saturday afternoon we attended Grandson’s hockey game.  His team won and Grandson scored four of the goals.  Forgive my tendency to brag.  I do think that nanas come by this tendency naturally.

Right after the hockey game on Saturday we headed out to the lake for a weekend of skiing.  We took Grandson and his friend with us.  Saturday evening the boys had a wonderful time swimming, playing Nintendo and watching movies.  Sunday morning we had breakfast and headed out to the ski hill for the boys’ first snowboarding lesson at 10:00 AM.  By 11:30 AM they were on their own.  Papa went downhill skiing while the boys went snowboarding.  No one seemed to mind that the temperature hovered around -25C.  Dressed in warm ski outfits, the boys were on their snowboards till 4:00 PM.  They only took one short lunch break.  Oh to be a kid again!   I stayed in the ski chalet and read but did venture out to take some memorable videos.  I must say that we put two very tired kids into the van for the trip home.  They just slumped back in their seats and the only words we heard them say during the entire trip home were “when can we do this again”.

Someday I hope to be able to downhill ski again.  I miss it terribly.   I always found skiing to be a mixture of relaxation and exhilaration.   You would feel the anticipation on the lift going up, you would be surrounded by silence at the top of the run, and then you would feel exhilaration as you began your descent.  Of course there would be the sense of accomplishment when you completed the run.

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