March 29, 2003

As of yesterday, I can order off the senior menu at a restaurant. I had forgotten about this little perk until my girlfriend called me on the 28th and asked me if I was ordering liver and onions for lunch. She reminded me of my newly acquired 55+ status and the propensity of seniors to order liver and onions.

Funny how what begins as a slow leisurely day can turn into a hectic one. I woke yesterday with a headache of about 5 on the pain scale. This was definitely an improvement from the day before. I spent the morning working on the details of the Ukrainian dance recital which will be held next weekend. At noon I met my husband for lunch and I did not have liver and onions. After lunch I went shopping for my grandson’s birthday gift. I think he will be quite pleased with the trampoline I picked out.

My daughter, son-in-law and grandson arrived about 6:30 PM with a gorgeous birthday cake. My daughter had made it – carrot cake. My parents and my sister and her husband stopped in as well. We spent a very enjoyable evening. 

This morning I awoke with another horrible headache. This is 7 days in a row and quite frankly I am getting annoyed. I am also annoyed that I am so exhausted today. Yes I realize that I am now 55+ but for crying out loud that shouldn’t debilitate me like this! I certainly would not consider myself overworked or over stressed yesterday. My housekeeper comes every Friday so it is not house work that causes this fatigue. It seems whenever I have a relatively good day I have to pay with at least three days of feeling like death warmed over.

I suppose now that I am 55+, the next time I see a doctor, I will probably be told that all my problems will go away if I start eating liver and onions.

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