September 18,2003

Serenity Prayer For The Undiagnosed
Author Unknown

“Lord, grant me the serenity to accept
The things I cannot change,
The courage to change
The things I can,
And the wisdom to hide
The bodies of Doctors I choked
When they said,
“You’re perfectly healthy,
It’s All In Your Head.”

The wind blowing out of the northwest today brought with it intermittent rain showers. The temperature this afternoon is only 47 degrees Fahrenheit and tonight a low of 37 degrees Fahrenheit is expected. We have had the most intense thunderstorms for the last two nights. The storms start around midnight and continue for several hours. On Tuesday night the lightening and thunder were continuous. I was up reading a book when I realized that the thunder hadn’t let up in over 20 minutes. We also had golf sized hail on Tuesday night. As I am sitting here writing I can hear geese heading south. They can certainly make their presence known. Fall is definitely my favourite time of year.

Last night was horrendous. I slept for a total of two hours however those two hours were split into 30 minute sleep intervals. I was awake for at least two hours between each 30 minute sleep. This sleep pattern is not conducive to waking up as a happy Hetta in the morning.  If this pattern continues much longer I will not be held responsible for my actions.

This afternoon I had another appointment with No Name. I only addressed three issues. Experience has taught me that three issues are about all a doctor’s attention span can handle at any given appointment.  After three issues their eyes tend to glaze over.

My first issue this afternoon was my sleep problem. I informed No Name that I had not slept through the night since June 2, 2000 and that the two types of sleeping pills I had tried where a disaster. My second issue was the ever worsening bone pain and proximal muscle weakness. My third issue/request was for a TSH and potassium test. No Name asked me to try a new pain medication which he claims will alleviate the bone pain and may help me sleep at night. Now that would truly be a miracle. He also ordered the following blood work; TSH, potassium, sodium, calcium, creatinine, parathyroid and CK.

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