October 28,2003

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

-Albert Einstein

Winter has arrived. We woke up to snow on Sunday morning and it has continued to snow on and off all week. I keep hoping it will disappear for Halloween.

We were blessed with wonderful weather for the Thanksgiving weekend which fell on October 11th to 13th. My parents and daughter, son-in-law and grandson were over for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. On Monday we put the Christmas lights up around the house.

The next weekend was just as nice and we had a lovely visit with friends we hadn’t seen in twenty years.

On October 21st I discovered yet again how cold, callous and uncaring our intellectually challenged doctors are.  I called the wretched Communist clinic to make another appointment with No Name. I was becoming concerned about the medication he had prescribed for me and I wanted some answers. I was told that the poor sod was on another one of his extended vacations. He would not be returning until November. I realized very quickly that I would be out of medication by November.  I knew that trusting my medical care to his comrades at the Communist clinic could well be a death sentence so I decided to see if the Gypsy would see me. Her receptionist had called me four times in January and February of 2003 to ask me if I would like to come in for a chat with the Gypsy. Like chats with the Gypsy send my heart a racing!  Those early 2003 phone calls from the Gypsy’s receptionist reflected the Gypsy’s need to reconsolidate her patients. When WeeWantsItAll’s clinic closed in December 2002 poor Gypsy’s practice in town was in danger of going down the tubes. Not good news for the “jack of all trades” specialist.  I called the Gypsy’s office at the Communist clinic on October 22nd and informed her receptionist of my concerns. On October 23rd the receptionist called me back and told me that the Gypsy would be able to see me at the end of November.  I thanked her very kindly and told her that by the end of November my obituary could well be in the local paper. The receptionist was not amused and told me I could always attend the Walk in centre at the Communist Clinic. I very sweetly told her that if I did that, my obituary in the paper would be a done deal.

On October 24th I called No Name’s clinic and booked an appointment for November 4th. Hopefully my test results will be waiting for me at that time. When I saw No Name on September 18th he ordered a series of blood tests. It would have been very rude of me to have expected an answer from him before he left on his vacation. After all, it must take much time and effort to prepare for a month long holiday. One certainly can’t expect one’s doctor to think about something as trivial as a patient’s test results.

One thing these last years have taught me is patience and I have spent the last few weeks patiently waiting for No Name’s return. I am back to waking up 3 to 4 times a night. I reassure myself that a lack of sleep hasn’t killed me yet. The weird headaches at the back of my head are worse. Again pain never killed anyone. My hearing has deteriorated. This does get embarrassing when I do not hear my phone or doorbell.

We took our grandson to “Boo at the Zoo” this weekend and stayed at a Canad Inn on Saturday night. The zoo on Saturday evening was great except for the fact that Boo did not put in an appearance. Grandson was quite disappointed. He had told me that this year  he was going to confront his fears and shake Boo’s hand.

Sunday morning when I was packing up to leave the hotel, I noticed to my horror that my digital camera was missing from the night table where I had left it.  We should never have gone back to this hotel because last year, someone stole my gold bracelet and glasses which were on the night table in the room.  So far the hotel is making sad sorry sounds but assuming no responsibility. I filed a police report on Sunday.

I do not do well with this kind of stress. I have had this weird headache since last week Thursday and the events on Sunday did not help. I find that as soon as stress hits, the dizziness and nausea become intolerable.

Friday is Halloween and I have been slowly decorating my yard since October 18th. The snow that fell in the last 3 days has made this job a bit more difficult. I will dress up like the old witch on Friday and thoroughly enjoy myself.

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