October 8, 2003

I’m not 40-something. I’m $39.95, plus shipping and handling.  Artist Unknown

These first eight days of October have been very busy but very rewarding.  When I became ill I lost my motivation to keep up with my correspondence. Since I had been involved in genealogy research since 1983 I had keep in touch with family members all over the world. My husband’s transfers had us living in many different cities and one of the benefits of moving were the many friends we made along the way. This of course added to the list of people I corresponded with on a regular basis. I had been very negligent in keeping in touch with family and friends. At the end of September I decided that hell would probably freeze over before I would be given a diagnosis by the medical geniuses I had been seeing and there was no point in waiting any longer to write to family and friends. I am quite proud of myself; as of last week Friday I had sent out 49 snail mail letters to people in Canada, the US and overseas. To my surprise, as of today, I have had 15 people reply. I must say that it was very uplifting to hear from old friends after being out of touch for so long. 

Last Sunday evening my grandson asked me if I would help him build a webpage. He knows his nana very well. No sooner had he opened his mouth and we were on the computer finding web space. We worked on designing the website on Monday and Tuesday after school. I am happy to report that his site is up and running. Many thanks to friends who responded to my morning email requesting that they log onto grandson’s site. I had to pick him up after school today and he logged on as soon as he got to my house. The chuckles and expressions of genuine excitement coming from the den after checking his website counter and reading the messages in his Guest Book made this a very worthwhile effort. Grandson was impressed that the messages in his Guest Book came from all over the world. 

We have had summer like temperatures for the last two days. What a change from last week when Jack Frost paid us a visit several nights in a row.

It is after 1:00 AM and it is time this verbose woman tries to get some sleep. See you soon.

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