January 8, 2004

We experienced some very cold weather this week with daytime temperatures as low as minus 31C and night time temperatures as low as minus 41C. This is too cold for humans and animals. 

This has been a quiet week and all I did was take down my Christmas decorations. The bone pain is back in full force and I hate it. I wake up every morning feeling dizzy, nauseated and in pain but this week has been exceptionally bad. The nausea lasts all day and the medication only takes the edge off the pain. I really do not know what I will have to do to convince a medical professional that I hurt and something needs to be done about the root cause of this pain. Covering it up with medication is not a good long term solution. However, it is the only solution that is being offered to me. The answer I get from No Name is, “Don’t worry about the medication.”  Easy for him to say. 

My blood pressure was 180/110 just before Christmas. This is probably due to the pain but it is worrisome. The medication I have been taking since December 22nd is called Cilazapril. It has helped somewhat; my blood pressure fluctuates between 140/90 to 180/110 with sudden spikes as high as 190/110 and sudden drops to 80/63. 

I gathered up my aching bones and attended the first game of my Grandson’s hockey tournament tonight. It was held in a community about 8 miles from us. The boys played an amazing game tying the score 4-4 in the last 2 seconds of the game. Trust me these games are the better than anything you could ever see on TV.  You can feel anticipation and excitement in the arena when both teams come out of their respective dressings rooms; the music is playing over the loudspeakers and the referrer gives the signal for the boys to skate out on the ice. When my nine year old Grandson comes skating out on the ice; gives me our special “thumbs up” signal, the pain suddenly becomes second place.

I have made up my mind to attend all his games this weekend, come hell or high water. I will crawl into the arena if I have to. I will not let this pain take over my life and prevent me from participating in events like this even if it means that the rest of the time I am flat in bed. It is truly pathetic that I have to resort to living this way and that no medical professional has taken the time or made the effort to try and find out why I have been experiencing these symptoms since the summer of 1998. If they could only walk in my shoes; or I should say crawl on my knees for one day!

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