May 24, 2004

The weather has not improved much since my last entry on May 11th. The more than 12 inches of snow the blizzard dumped on us that day did not melt until the end of the week. Since May 11th we have had mostly cloudy days with intermittent rain showers. This past week we had frost warnings almost every evening; makes me wonder whether summer has passed us by this year. Mind you, this miserable weather has given me a reprieve from yard work. 

During the last two weeks I have spent most of my time working on the books for the business year end.  Since I am someone who hates numbers, I find this a task a nightmare.  Thankfully I have remote access to the office and can work in the comfort of my home.  Of course, the other thing to consider is that if I appeared at the office in the state I am in the customers would flee in droves.  Let’s just say that hell would freeze over before I would qualify for a beauty pageant.  I finished this horrendous job Thursday, May 20th at midnight and balanced to the penny.  The rest is the accountant’s problem.

The stress of this job has however played havoc with my body.  I slept all of two hours on Thursday night after finishing the books.  While shopping with my mom the next day I thought I was going to pass out in the store.  On the Saturday I was finally able to catch up on some sleep; sleeping on and off until 2:30 PM. Stress seems to aggravate the nausea, dizziness and bone pain. 

Last Wednesday morning, May 19th, I had an appointment with No Name.  My blood pressure was 190/100 even though I am now on three blood pressure medications. When I mentioned the weight loss he finally noticed and ordered some blood tests including Potassium, ESR, CA 125 and CEA.  The test results are not back and I suspect I will have to wait until my next appointment in June. 

Life goes on and the saga continues………

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