August 22, 2004

We arrived home from Brandon, Manitoba about 4:00 PM this afternoon; tired but very happy that we had made this trip.  Brandon is a three hour drive.

Brandon was a smashing success.  Jani, her husband and son and my husband, grandson and I met up on Friday around 6:30 PM to have dinner together. I recognized Jani as soon as she came off the elevator. It was so amazing to finally meet her in person. She is a wonderful, kind hearted and soft spoken woman with a great sense of humor and is exactly who she says she is. I hope you all have the privilege of meeting her some day.

Within minutes of meeting, my grandson, age 10 and Jani’s son, age 8 were talking a mile a minute; you would have thought they had known each other forever.  The boys came to Brandon well equipped to have a good time; each brought their little TV’s, Xboxes and games, movies and skateboards.  Between rain showers on Saturday afternoon, my husband took the boys to a skateboard park in Brandon.  Of course, they also spent time in the hotel swimming pool and on the hotel water slides.

Saturday morning Angie arrived to join us for breakfast. Angie too is exactly who she says she is. She has the cutest little red car.  She is a very sweet and kind hearted woman with a great sense of humor. Jani and I both loved her facial expressions. I hope someday you have the privilege of meeting Angie as well.

We lingered over breakfast and then made our way to Jani’s hotel room. We talked and talked and then talked some more. It felt really good to be with two women who understand what it feels like to be sick and tired. We spent the whole afternoon together.

Around 5:00 PM Angie went home and Jani and I decided we both needed to take a break and rest. It is so nice to be with someone who understands what it means to be so exhausted that you just have to take some time alone. We met up with Jani, her husband and son at 6:30 PM and went to a restaurant in Brandon for prime rib.

After dinner, the husbands went out for a drink and the boys played their games, had another swim and watched a movie.  Jani and I participated in the Saturday evening chat.  Sorry we were a bit late to chat and missed some of you.  Dinner took longer than we had expected.

Sunday morning all of us including Angie met for breakfast. Then it was time to say goodbye. Angie had a wonderful idea; she said that we should make this a yearly event. Jani and I agreed.

I must say that this was one of the nicest weekends I have had in a long time. It was amazing how well everyone got along including the husbands and the boys.  Thank you, Jani and Angie for making it a truly fabulous weekend.

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