October 3, 2004

On September 20th I received a phone call from the secretary at No Name’s office telling me that the tests I had done on September 15th had come back either below normal or above normal.  Apparently he wanted to see me as soon as possible and she wanted to know when I would be available for an appointment.  I told her I was available anytime; my calendar is not filled with daily riveting events.  She informed me that he was booking into October so I could not see him until October 5th.  Hopefully when I see him on Tuesday he will agree to order tests to determine my adrenal function.  I will not hold my breath. 
It is cloudy, windy and cold today.  We had a hard frost several times this past week and the forecast predicted snow last Tuesday.  Thankfully we only got rain.  This morning at 11:00 AM it was only 4C (39 Fahrenheit) and tonight it is suppose to go down to -4C (24 Fahrenheit). 
My blood pressure is doing strange things.  It continues to hover between 100/63 and 70/63 which is quite a change from this past winter, spring and early summer when it would spike to 234/110 and 220/120.  I have absolutely no idea why this is happening but it explains why I am dizzy so much of the time.  My arms and legs are black and blue from crashing into walls when I cannot keep my balance.  When I get up from a lying down or sitting position, the room will move in every direction; very disorientating.  I am hoping that Tuesday’s appointment will yield some answers. 
Hockey camp concluded on Saturday with a hockey game. Of course Grandson was in fine form but I will freely admit that I am terribly biased.   Hockey season begins in two weeks which means this Nana will be dragging her butt to the arena come hell or high water.  There are some things in life that I refuse to miss even it means using up all “my spoons” for that particular day.  

Next weekend we celebrate Thanksgiving here in Canada.  The official Thanksgiving Day is Monday, October 11th.  My father will be celebrating his 85th birthday on October 10th.  I will attempt to cook Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.  Thankfully my daughter, who is a marvelous cook lives just a block and a half away and I can always call on her if I find myself in a cooking crisis.  My mom is still suffering from horrendous intermittent pain in her thigh.  Thankfully the episodes are becoming less frequent.  She has been able to sleep for 7 hours during the night for the last 4 nights.  I am hoping that she will feel well enough to venture out next Sunday and join us for dinner. 

Keep warm and keep your fingers crossed that the snow stays away for at least another two months.  I would also like to wish Canadians a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

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