May 16, 2009

Poor Monty spent an afternoon at the groomers on May 13th and he has not been himself since. Peter took Monty to the vet today and the diagnosis was a severe neck injury. The vet felt that rough treatment by the groomer caused the injury. Upon further examination, the vet found numerous nicks on Monty’s ears which could only have been caused by the groomer. After he finished examing Monty the vet asked for the groomer’s name and phone number. Needless to say, we will find a new groomer for our little dog.

On May 13, we had horrible weather conditions. It was very cold, very windy and very rainy. There was a frost warning for that night and we were told to cover any plants in flower beds or gardens.  Will spring ever come to Southeastern Manitoba.

Mother’s day fell on May 10th and I had a wonderful day. We went for lunch with our daughter, son in law, grandson and my dad.   Later that afternoon Peter and Monty finished a 5 km walk for charity.   Monty had a great time since his buddy Chubbs did the walk as well.  Monty and Chubbs are best friends and play together as often as possible.  Chubbs lives two doors down from our house and when ever he can sneak away he runs over to my front door.

I have managed to walk 2.8 km three nights in a row. I carry my cane just in case and I push through the pain.  I do not know how long I can keep this up but I am sure going to try especially since I lost 5 lbs. in the last seven days.


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