August 22, 2009

Just got home from the lake (resort)  at 1:30 PM.  I will go back Sunday at noon. Life in the trailer is really quite nice.  Lots of room.  Weather at the resort was miserable most of the week with only 1 day of sunshine.  The rain did not bother me since I had lots of reading material; my latest order from Chapters arrived the day before I left for the resort.

Next week is suppose to be better.   Grandson was out at the resort for two days and plans to come out for all of next week.  He will be bringing two friends with him.

It seems that when nasty weather arrives my pain gets worse.  At least when I am alone at the resort no one has to listen to my whining and bitching.  I shouldn’t be such a whiner but some days it all gets to be a bit much.  I have been seeing the doctor on a regular basis; last time was two weeks ago. He is very good at shoulder shrugging.   Wish I had a career where all I had to do is fake concern and shoulder shrug to earn the big bucks.  Okay, so now I sound like a bitchy person but really how much can one person take before the occasional nasty remark slips out?

Grandson’s Grade 9 (Junior High) graduation dance was held on Friday evening, June 19, 2009.  Come September he will be in high school.

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