June 23,2010

It was an exhausting morning. We had a family meeting with dad, the nurses, the doctor (who was an hour late) physio and home care personal. Three daughters were at the meeting and the other two joined in by telephone. We all came to the conclusion that dad would no longer be able to live alone. His official panelling will take place around July 29th at which time they will decide to which home he will be sent too.

Sadly our city does not have adequate care facilities for our senior citizens. If you are elderly and live in one of the ethnic communities that surround our city, you will never be sent to a care home outside of your community. However if you live in our city you have a good chance of being sent to care homes in communities as far away as 60 km. This of course makes it very difficult for family members to visit every day. Being sent to one of these ethnic community care homes often causes a language barrier. Our senior family members find it very lonely in these homes.

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