August 15, 2010

Woke up at 3:45 AM.  It is that awful time when your brain conjures up the boogie man and the nightmares he brings along just to try to drive a person around the bend.  It is that time between night and morning.; the time when one feels completely alone.

It is raining this afternoon. What a nice break after the high temperatures we have had for what seems like weeks on end.  I am slowly getting myself together after a very difficult June and July.  Still find getting out and about difficult but hopefully that will soon change.

The time at the lake (resort) this past week has been relaxing.  My grandson and his friends had a great time; the rain did not stop them.

Monty and I took a lot of short walks during the day.  After supper Peter, Monty and I would go for a much longer walk.  If the weather was right we would end the evening relaxing in the hot tub.

I also did some reading and a lot of thinking these last few weeks.  It is difficult to put my thoughts into words at this time. I will say that I did think about adoption, consequences of adoption and rejection. Adopted children will try harder  to gain the unconditional love of family members than children born into a family.  What can cause a deep hurt is when the adopted child realizes that there is no unconditional love coming from siblings.  The hurt goes even deeper when the adopted one realizes that some of the siblings feel only resentment and hatred.

Before I quit my rambling for today I want to share the following video with you.

If you find the music annoying just click the mute button.

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