May 23,2013

It has been years since I have contributed to my blog.  Life has a way of interfering with the best of intentions.   Since my thyroid problem began I slowly realized that my family unit was slipping away.  Since my parents passed away any fool could see what was going on.  I had two choices; be played for a fool or walk away.  I walked away.

We arrived home from Seattle at 2:30 AM today after a lovely week long visit with our son and daughter in law.  The weather in Seattle during our visit was mostly cloudy with periods of rain.  One does not need sunshine to insure an afternoon of successful shopping.

Our son entertained us with pictures and anecdotes from his December 2012 trip to Hong Kong and India.

Thank goodness for complimentary wheel chair service at the Vancouver and Seattle airports.  Each time we travel to Seattle the list of the airline’s free services has been reduced.  If you travel within Canada you are allowed to check in one piece of luggage at no cost.  Of course the luggage cannot exceed the specified dimensions and weight.  If you are travelling to the US you have to pay a minimum of $25.00 for each checked piece of luggage.   If you think you might have hunger issues during a 5 hour flight make sure you pack a lunch unless you do not mind paying an arm and a leg for meal service.  Remember the “olden days” when a helpful flight attendant would offer a weary traveler a pillow and blanket.  They still offer pillows and blankets but at a cost.

After spending all of yesterday at airports or on flights I need to catch up on sleep.

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