March 17, 2017


By Stephan

And I thought yesterday was a miserable day. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post it had rained; rained a lot. I went down the basement last night around 10:00 PM to sort out some of the pictures that need reframing. Went to bed around midnight. Woke up at 5:00 AM, made a cup of coffee and hobbled back downstairs to finish up the project started yesterday. You can imagine my shock when I reached the last stair and stepped into 2 inches of ice cold water. The good news is that the shock cleared the cobwebs from my brain; at least for a short period of time. The bad news is that the basement floor is covered with 2 inches of water. The idiot who invented window wells should be locked up. Not only is the ground frozen solid but so are the drainage pipes in the window wells which leaves the water only one way to drain and that is into the basement. Peter managed to get the pipe in the window well to drain by removing as much ice as possible and pouring car window washer fluid down the pipe. At least that has stopped the water fall coming from the window. Now we wait for the clean up crew and the insurance adjuster. Isn’t life grand?

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