August 30, 2017

Summer is almost over.  We spent last weekend at Buffalo Resort on Falcon Lake with our daughter Natasha, her partner Mike and his daughter Melissa. Melissa celebrated her 11th birthday while at the lake.  She has been collecting porcelain dolls and has just started reading the Anne of Green Gable books.  I was lucky to find a porcelain Anne of Green Gables doll to give her for her birthday.IMG_0893

We arrived at Buffalo Resort late afternoon on Friday. Thankfully by leaving right after lunch we avoided most of the lake traffic.  After settling in went to the Mall to do some shopping.  Later that evening we enjoyed the delicious birthday cake Natasha baked for Melissa.  Saturday was spent relaxing, reading and watching the rain. Cold enough to turn on the heat in the cabin.   Sunday weather was warmer so Peter, Mike, and Melissa went to Caddy Lake and took a boat through the tunnels.  We had a bonfire both evenings.  Check out was at 11:00 AM Monday morning after which we headed for home.  I managed to survive the weekend without too much pain and nausea.   So grateful for pain medications and Gravol. However, I realized that I no longer have the ability to walk as far as I would like.


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One of the things I really miss is going for a bike ride.  When I was a kid, probably about 9 years old, my dad got me this really neat brand new CCM Bicycle.  I had many an adventure with that bike.  Sadly in the past year the dizziness and nausea have become such that I can no longer trust my ability to maintain my balance.  This spring my husband surprised me with a new bicycle or rather an adult tricycle.  At first I was not sure I wanted to be seen riding this “tricycle” but after a few rides I changed my mind.  No more worries about being able to balance and the ability to stop and rest whenever the need arises without having to get off the bike.

It is time for me to try and get some sleep.  Tomorrow will be here soon enough.  Will try to post to  my blog on a more regular basis.

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