September 28, 2017


Fall has arrived bringing with it colder temperatures and rain.   A sure sign of fall is the gathering of geese at the museum pond.  It has been reported that the geese have begun their journey south at least two weeks earlier than normal.

These past two weeks have been a nightmare.  For some reason I was suddenly plagued by Restless Leg Syndrome; something you would not wish on your worst enemy.  This nasty syndrome had caused me grief a number of years ago but had gone away after taking a medication called Serc.

According to Mayo Clinic, restless leg syndrome is a condition that makes legs feel highly uncomfortable, making affected people want to get up and move around, which only temporarily relieves the feeling of restlessness in the legs. RLS can start at any age.  The specific causes of restless leg syndrome are often unclear, but it is believed to be linked to imbalances of the brain chemicals that are responsible for balanced muscle movement. Restless leg syndrome may also be linked to pregnancy and kidney failure. Mayo Clinic also explains that symptoms of restless leg syndrome typically occur in the lower legs and feet. Symptoms include tingling, throbbing and burning sensations that are often relieved by muscle movement. Restless leg syndrome symptoms also tend to be more prevalent during the evening hours.  Women are affected by RLS more often than men. Doctors do not know what causes RLS in most cases, but genes are thought to be an influence.  Approximately half of the people diagnosed with RLS have a family member with the condition. Some treatments for the condition include having regular sleeping patterns, establishing a consistent exercise regimen, leg massages, and hot baths. Medications may be helpful for RLS, but the same drug does not work for everyone.

Desperate for relief I tried every suggestion given by the Mayo Clinic and WebMD.  Nothing helped.   We had been planning to meet my cousin Morley and his wife Ann for supper this past Tuesday.  By the time 3:00 PM arrived I was a nervous wreck.  How could I possibly go out for supper when my legs had a life of their own.  I could just see myself sitting down in the restaurant only to have my leg begin the bizarre dance that is Restless Leg Syndrome.  (I should mention that RLS attacks my legs one leg at a time.  As soon as one leg calms down the other leg begins its diabolical dance.)

Thankfully just before 4:00 PM with only three hours left before we were going to meet Morley and Ann my legs decided to give me a break and return to normal.   Oh, what a blessed relief.   As always we had a very enjoyable evening with Morley and Ann.

As many of you know I have been busy scanning my slides (just over 6000) into my computer.  Once that project was completed I loaded my videos into my computer.  My other project has been to collect picture frames.  I collect mostly wooden frames; which are so much easier to repair than plastic or metal frames.   My friend Pat, the owner of Presenting Art, has once again done an amazing job of re-framing, re-matting, and putting the finishing touches on 14 pictures.  My family keeps telling me that I am running out of wall space but so far I have always found another spot that is perfect for pictures.  Another advantage of having so many pictures is the fact that they hide any blemishes on the walls.   As I tell my family there is a method to my madness.

Here is a short video that I recorded almost 30 years ago.  It brings back a lot of memories.


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1 Response to September 28, 2017

  1. Jan says:

    I too have restless leg syndrome. It is not a nice thing. I can’t take the medication they give you for it because of med interactions, So I take clonipin and ultram which seems to work pretty well. I also get a horrible feeling in the top of my feet that I think is due to lack of cortisol form my adrenal insufficiency. The pain is horrible. Pain medication is the only thing that helps that.
    I feel for you Luella. Glad you were able to go to dinner.
    See you at chat.


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