December 1, 2019

The following statement made by Dr. Oz is something every woman should know about. I do not necessarily agree with all of Dr. Oz’s medical advice, but the following information he presented is very important. I was diagnosed with Graves disease in 1998 yet I have never heard about the correlation between thyroid cancer and mammograms or dental x-rays. Since my lumpectomy in 1997, I have had a mammogram every two years. I never saw any evidence of a “thyroid guard.   A “thyroid guard” will be used during my next mammogram.

Christmas will be here in 25 days and I have yet to start my shopping.  During the last two weeks, my nights have been miserable, but instead of moaning and groaning about this situation, I have spent the time thinking about what I would like to give each member of my family for Christmas.  I have managed to come up with a few ideas.

After the last Multifocal CT Scan of my liver, I thought I was in the clear for at least another six months.  My very vigilant family doctor, Dr. Goldberg, sent the results of my blood work, MRI and CT Scan to my liver specialist, Dr. Steven Wong.  Dr.  Wong, also a vigilant doctor, has scheduled me for more blood work and another Multifocal CT Scan at the end of January.

Early last week I received some really wonderful news.  Since I lost weight I have had really nasty problems with yeast infections.   They occur under the flap on my abdomen that was left after my weight loss and under my breasts.  My family doctor sent me to a plastic surgeon to see if it was possible to have this surgery, which would include a breast reduction and tummy tuck (actually called “removal of abdomen fat flap) paid for by Manitoba Health.    The news is that Manitoba Health will be paying for both surgeries.

My family doctor referred me to the local physiotherapy clinic just over a year ago.  Last week I finally saw a physiotherapist.  However, the appointment was held in my home.  The physiotherapist spent an hour with me discussing my various health issues, had me walk up and down my hall and sit on a chair and move my arms and legs up and down.  He told me that they were much too busy to see patients at their location in the hospital.  He gave me a sheet of simple exercises to do and said that if he had the time he would call me just before Christmas to see how I was doing.

The highlight of last week would be the arrival of the Franz Isaak Journal.  Franz Isaak was married to Helena Zacharias, my great-great-grandfather, Wilhlem Zacharias’s sister.   I knew that Wilhelm had a sister.  I had received her death certificate from the Saskatchewan Department of Vital Statistics.   The journal provides the names and important dates of Helena’s ancestors, Franz’s ancestors, Franz and Helena’s children, and Franz and Helena’s siblings.  Included in the journal is a diary written in the old Gothic script dating back to the early 1700s.   It will take me a while to translate.  When I need to translate letters and journals in the Gothic script, I will work on one page while my husband Peter works on another page.  We then exchange pages and review each other’s translations.   In this way, we are often able to translate missing words, make changes if need be and end up with a good end product.

Hope you all have a great week.

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