April 7, 2020

Another week in isolation, but, since I consider myself a hermit it really does not bother me.  After making the worst mistake of my life by agreeing to drink Radio Active Iodine, the most common treatment for Graves Disease,  I had to change my lifestyle.    Two ways I keep boredom away is by reading and writing.   I have spent many years researching the Zacharias side of my family and continue to do so.  Thankfully, I have learned how to keep busy without depending on the outside world.   Hopefully, we will soon see an end to this virus.

Yesterday was a day of great accomplishment for me.  I actually managed to iron 15 shirts and 5 pairs of pants.  You would not believe how long those items have been hanging in the laundry room waiting for me to get motivated to iron them.  Sad when one considers this to be a great accomplishment.

I was supposed to go for blood work today, however, I made the decision not to go.  Since the lab is only a few feet away from the waiting room for approximately 20 doctors I felt the risk was not worth it.  Hopefully, I have made the right decision.   The reason for the blood work was to check my potassium levels which have been on the low side and my TSH.   I am sure that my surgery will not be scheduled for quite a while since it is elective surgery.

Our only grandchild, Benjamin, celebrated his 26th birthday on April 5th.  We were unable to celebrate this special day with a family get-together, but we did chat on the phone.  Benjamin and Danika are enjoying their new apartment.

Ever since stopping Cytomel, I have been incredibly tired.  I wake up tired in the morning. Hopefully, once my thyroid levels are back to the level I need to feel good the fatigue will go away.  I believe that the TSH number should not be the only thing that doctors look at.  I feel the best if my thyroid levels are 0.1.  Most doctors would frown on this number and consider it out of the normal range.  However, that is the number I need to function.

My post will be a short one this week.  I have writer’s block.  Hopefully, this too shall pass.  According to Wikipedia, this is the definition of writer’s block:  Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown.  The condition ranges from difficulty in coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce work for years.

Author Unknown.  If anyone knows who the author is please let me know.  Thanks.

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