August 3, 2020

Time does not standstill.  There are only three weeks left in the month of August.   Here in Manitoba, it seems that fall begins on September 1st.  Actually this morning it felt like it had already begun.  It was 9C at 8:00 AM.  We are celebrating a long weekend and so far there is no rain in the forecast.

This morning after reading the online news put out by our local radio station I realized yet again how invasive COVID 19 can be.  I believed that the people in Manitoba were being vigilant in taking precautions to avoid further spread of COVID 19.  According to Steinbach Online and I quote, “after 7 new cases of COVID 19 were confirmed there is a heightened sense of caution in Steinbach.   Two local restaurants closed after employees tested positive for COVID 19.”   Other restaurants have closed as a precautionary measure.  Our local Credit Union posted a notice on their website stating that one of their employees tested positive for COVID 19.

It took less than a year for our world to change completely. During the summer of 2019, I had no idea that by the summer of 2020 a potentially deadly virus would control much of the world. If someone had told me that in less than a year schools would shut down, restaurants and other businesses would close their doors to customers and our doctor’s appointment would if at all possible be virtual appointments I would have told them they had a screw loose. In less than a year I have come to believe that this virus will have a negative effect on democracy. Who made this virus? Who decided to put this virus out into the world? Who will gain politically when our world as we know it no longer exists? Who could actually succeed in implementing world dominance by using this virus instead of guns, bombs and other forms of violence?  I hope and pray that I am just a 72-year-old woman with a vivid imagination and that my fears are unfounded.

As I mentioned in a previous post I had my regular six months MRI of my liver on April 23rd.  Since the results were inconclusive I had a Multifocal CT Scan on July 8th.  Since I did not hear from my doctor I presumed that all was okay.  I was quite surprised when I got a phone call from my doctor’s office on August 1st.  The result from the CT Scan was also inconclusive so I was told by the nurse that I was scheduled for an ultrasound on August 7th.  This nasty liver of mine has certainly given me a lot of grief as of late.  Who knew that non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver could be so invasive.  I find the wait time between a test and the test result extremely difficult.  It is so hard to remain optimistic.  Of course, when I unintentionally wake up at 3:00 AM all my fears are multiplied.  It is at 3:00 AM that all the scary thoughts fill my head and it is nearly impossible to get rid of them.  Any positive thoughts sent my way would be much appreciated.

Lately, I have been reading the works of several Swedish authors.  Viveca Sten is the author of the Sandham murder mysteries.  Camilla Lackberg is another Swedish author I have discovered as is Asa Larrsson.  Asa Larrsson’s books are very well written but a dark theme runs through them.  This has been mentioned before in my posts but I am busy trying to finish 4 cross stitch pictures of Ukrainian dancers for my grandson.

By now you have all heard enough of my complaints about my fatigue.  At the moment it is all invasive and makes me extremely anxious and discouraged.   Approximately six weeks after taking me off of Cytomel my doctor decided to lower my Synthroid dose from 200 mcg to 175 mcg.  The fatigue has become unbearable and is seriously impacting my life.  If I go to bed at 9:30 AM and sleep 12 hours I still wake up feeling like a zombie.  I can barely get out of bed by 11:00 AM.  Quite frankly I have had days when I have slept all day.  Cramps in my legs, feet, arms and hands are another result of lowing my Synthroid dose.

Enough complaining for one day.  Enjoy the rest of the summer.  Stay safe and stay well.

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