September 3, 2020

The weather here in Manitoba seems to change as soon as September 1st rolls around.  It went down to 8C last night and the forecast for early next week calls for temperatures of -2C at night. Last Saturday I received wonderful news from my family doctor.  The results from my August 7th Ultra Sound had arrived at my family doctor’s office and no mass or lesions were seen.  What a tremendous relief and an answer to prayers.  My husband keeps telling me not to worry before I receive the results of my MRIs, CT Scans and Ultra Sounds.  I am a worrier and the more I try not to worry the more I worry.  Doesn’t make a lot of sense but that is who I am.  Now I wait for my next six month MRI. Finally completed one of my projects this past weekend.  I scanned all my old negatives onto my computer and the result was a total of 4500 pictures.  I was amazed at how many wonderful pictures I found.  I have no idea what happened to these pictures but thank goodness for scanners. The fatigue continues to haunt my days.  It is so depressing to wake up as tired as I was before I went to sleep.  This lower dose of thyroid medication is not working for me.  Somehow I have to convince my doctor to let me up my dose back to 200 mcg.  I firmly believe that only relying on the results of a TSH test is a mistake.  Doctors should take into account how a person feels.  I began taking the lower dose of 175 mcg on July 20th.  The symptoms that have surfaced between then and now are as follows:  shortness of breath, sweating, weakness, tiredness, worsening leg cramps and muscle aches, hair loss, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, appetite changes and weight changes.  These are all documented symptoms that can occur when a person becomes hypothyroid.  Thanks to the Radio Active Iodine I drank in1998 I am now hypothyroid.  Any insight on solutions to this problem would be much appreciated. Our province had been containing the COVID 19 virus with one or two cases happening several times a week.  On August 9th the number of people infected with the virus jumped to 35 and the cases have been increasing weekly.  Sadly part of the problem is that a certain group of people travelled to a huge funeral in Southern Alberta.  This group with a number of their members infected with the virus returned to their home province of Manitoba.  After their return, the number of people infected rose quickly.  Steinbach Online announced today, and I quote, “the COVID-19 outbreak at Bethesda Place in Steinbach has resulted in 13 individuals testing positive. That includes seven staff and six residents. Four of those residents have passed away.”  People are still complaining about wearing masks and social distancing.  I really do not understand why people would take such a risk and in doing so infect people they come into contact with.  Granted the patients who died at Bethesda Place were elderly but why did they have to die because of carelessness?  Very sad. Before I sign off for today I would like to share some pictures with you.  Finding the negatives earlier this week was a nice surprise.  I had forgotten about them.  The pictures portray a unique place in Manitoba.  Wikipedia states and I quote, “Spruce Woods Provincial Park is located in south-central Manitoba, Canada where the Assiniboine River passes through the delta of sediment left by the last glaciation.  An area of open and stabilized sand dunes within the park provides habitat to species of plants and animals not found elsewhere in Manitoba.  The Carberry Sandhills or Spirit Sands is one of the very few areas of sand dunes in Canada. ”  I took the pictures featured below in 1988 on a day trip to the park with our daughter and our exchange student from Europe.
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