December 18, 2020

Christmas is only seven days away.  This will be a very different Christmas for our family and for all the other families in Manitoba.  During the month of November, Steinbach, Manitoba with an approximate population of 15,000 people had the highest incidence of COVID infections per capita in Canada.  Code Red restrictions have been extended until January 8th.  Family gatherings are not allowed under these restrictions.

Since my husband and I will be celebrating Christmas on our own I decided to forgo decorating my house and yard.  Hopefully, we will be able to manage a Zoom meet up with our children and grandchildren.  Strange world we live in.  Since I did not decorate this year I decided to share some pictures of decorations done in previous years.

COVID is coming closer to home every day. We received news last night that my husband’s sister who has been living in assisted living accomodation has tested positive for COVID 19. She has underlying health issues and the virus has hit her hard. All we can do is keep her in our thoughts and prayers. Sadly visitors are not allowed. It must be so incredibly lonely for people living in similar situations to have to face this virus without the company of family and friends.

A huge thank you to Jacquie Lawson for making her amazing cards available to the general public. The cards are beautiful and a yearly subscription is reasonably priced to make it affordable for most people. My health being what it is these days has really hampered my ability to get letters and cards out this Christmas. Thanks to Jacquie Lawson I was able to send out cards via email with room for a short personal message.

Christmas Greetings from our house to your house.

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