April 9, 2021

ApriladrenalawareneddGood afternoon to my family and friends.  Sitting at my desk in the den I am watching the rain clouds pass by without shedding a drop.  The sun is trying to peak through the clouds but hopefully rain will win in the end.  Farmers desperately need the rain as well as the firefighters who are fighting the many brush fires that are burning in Manitoba.  

Public health officials have confirmed 179 new cases of COVID-19 in Manitoba.  Public health officials announced today that 37 new screened or sequenced cases of the variants of concern have been detected in Manitoba.  My husband and I were fortunate and got our vaccinations Wednesday afternoon at the Pat Porter Centre in Steinbach.  A sore arm and fatigue are the only side effects that we have felt so far.  Since I am plagued with fatigue on a daily basis I cannot in all honesty blame the vaccine.  My husband insists that the Moderna vaccine played a huge role in clearing up a bladder infection that had been bothering him for several weeks.  The symptoms of the infection began to clear up the day following his vaccination.  In a news broadcast a few days ago we were informed that the Pop-Up Vaccination centres would run out of vaccine by April 15th.  Our provincial response level is listed as critical.  The province of Manitoba moved to the Critical level (red) on November 12, 2020 and this has remained in effect until now.  The province has decided to maintain this level of Critical response to protect it’s citizens.  The nurse who gave me my vaccination spent some time explaining what to expect from the Moderna vaccine.  I had no idea that having an autoimmune disease could potentially reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. 


Easter has come and gone and we decided that it was in our best interest not to gather as a family.  It was a bitter disappointment but my husband and I were getting our vaccinations within three days so we decided to forego a gathering.  We had originally planned on celebrating my birthday, our grandson’s birthday (April 5th) and Easter on April 4th.  However, we have now decided to celebrate the three birthdays (our granddaughter – in -law has a birthday on April 25th) on April 25th.  

Two things happened every Easter at my childhood home.  Weather permitting my dad wouldpaska hide our Easter baskets outside.  If winter decided to keep spring at bay he hid the baskets inside.  We would each get a chocolate Easter bunny with an assortment of candy and a gift.  The other “thing” was eating the incredible tasty Paska my mom would bake and decorate with icing and sprinkles.  Coming back to the Easter basket hunt, my dad insisted on keeping up this tradition even after we girls were married.  He would hide the baskets for his seven grandchildren and their spouses, four great grandchildren as well as for his five daughters and their husbands.  The Easter basket hunt would take place on Easter  Sunday afternoon.  

IMG-2430 (2)This past week I decided I had enough of sitting indoors so I made an appointment to have my hair cut and coloured.  The hairdressers at the salon I went to were very careful and obeyed the COVID restrictions.  On the spur of the moment I decided to again try a purple dye in my hair and was very happy with the outcome.  Just because I am 73 doesn’t mean I have to forego purple hair.  

April is Adrenal Awareness month. National Adrenal Disease Awareness.   My dear friend Janice is the co-ordinator for the South New Jersey Support Group Zoom Meeting.  The meeting will take place on Friday, April 23rd at 7:00 PM EST.  Contact Janice to join at janipt@comcast.net. 

Patches and Gaby spent an afternoon at the groomers this past week.  Their “other mom” Fran was coming out to see them.  Fran was their “first mom” but when she got sick and became unable to care for them we were lucky to be chosen as their adoptive parents.  Patches and Gaby have always seemed happy in our home but they certainly remember Fran. 


Before I close I would like to wish my readers a belated Happy Easter.  Please take care and keep safe.

To view Easter Card click on the link below:


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