November 19, 2021

Front Door View Large Web viewFinally my energy level is such that I can attempt to write a blog.  I keep apologizing for being so slack with my entries however I am really trying to do a better job.  Please bear with me.

October has come and gone without any snowfall.  However we got hit with a blizzard on November 11th and 12th and it is obvious that winter is here to stay. Our daughter’s birthday was on November 12th but we had to cancel our plans to celebrate at her place.  Many of the main roads were closed and it was much too dangerous to travel to Winnipeg.  We celebrated her birthday on Sunday, November 14th. A few pictures of our daughter through the years:


getyourkrackenonHer television channel on Roku called Subgenres is up and running.  The address is  In case any of you are interested the site description is as follows:  “Steampunks! We are here for you! Subgenres is a channel that celebrates the amazing multiverse of Steampunk and the vast array of subgenres that exist within it. This channel offers programming focused on costuming, DIY upcycled props, historic and reimagined pasts/futures, creatives, music, performers, news, events, festivals, conventions, food, and a vast array of related content. Subgenres channel is for all Steampunks, we Steampunk around the world! Here’s looking at you, you beautiful Steamirific world! Join us daily for your dose of steam, we endeavour to rock your clocks and grind your cerebral gears with awesome content from all over the globe.” 

My blood pressure and EKG monitoring will continue for another three months.  The purchase of a blue tooth enabled blood pressure monitor and EKG device have certainly paid off.  It has saved me many trips to Winnipeg.  Once a week I send the results of both to my cardiologist after which he gives me a call to discuss the latest readings.

Another trip to hospital by ambulance occurred the morning of November 2nd.  For no reason that I could think of my blood pressure kept rising throughout the morning.  When it got to 199/113 with a heart rate of 135 I got scared and my husband called 911.  It took all afternoon and evening to finally get my blood pressure back to a reasonable number.  A new blood pressure was added to the one I am currently taking.  It is called Metoprolol Tartrate 25 mg.  It is suppose to stabilize both my blood pressure and heart rate.  Hopefully the medication will do what is expected.

In the last few weeks I have been reading books by Elly Griffiths.  Her novels are inspired by the work of her husband who trained as an archaeologist and by her aunt who lives on the Norfolk Coast and who filled her niece’s head with the myths and legends of that area.  Her first novel “The Crossing Places” has been published worldwide in more than a dozen countries.  Another author whose work I have been enjoying is Thora Gudmundsdottir.  

My husband and I have been translating a Journal written by an ancestor Franz Issac, Olgafeld, Ukraine, South Russia born in 1871.  It has been time consuming and complicated at times since it is written in the old German script.  However the more you work with this old script the easier it gets.  The Journal is providing new information and confirming information received from other sources.  

Time to call it a day.  Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  Goodnight.

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1 Response to November 19, 2021

  1. lowerbp2 says:

    Some time ago, 15 years?, you were struggliing with what was thought to be primary hyperaldosteronism. I assume this was found to not be the case or you would be back to feeling normal again if you were DASHing.

    Our old PA group has moved to if you or others who follow you still need help.

    May your salt intake and BP be low.

    CE Grim MD


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