October 19, 2022

Written by my talented daughter, Natasha Klassen.

I am noticing more and more as I go forward in this life that each individual day is an accomplishment for many.

We take this journey together on the lifeboat we call existence. It doesn’t matter if we share our journey through social media, in-person interactions, or other means of connecting. The fact is all of us are and need connection.

Some of our connections bring us comfort, some pain, some happiness, and some sadness. But, together we can keep ourselves afloat, look for dry land when some in the boat are blind, give warmth when some are cold, and give hope to those who have lost the will to stay in the boat.

It is how we treat our fellow lifeboat passengers that will determine if we find rescue in life. Let’s make sure we all make it till the rescue boat arrives. Trouble, the pandemic, and even life does not last forever.

It is the moment we steal from misery and pain with our humanity and kindness. It is the smile we sneak in between the tears. It is the love we share in a turbulent ocean of dissent and hate that makes our lives worth living.

Life was never a promise of ease and perfect moments. It is a journey of trials, tribulations, and many tests. You bring to it the goodness, the love, and the victory over the bad. You make the moments valuable and memorable.

Let’s do this together, fellow travelers. Let’s keep everyone in the lifeboat.

Natasha 12th Night

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