April 3, 2023


April is Adrenal Awareness Month.

Adrenal Crisis Emergency

Adrenal Crisis 

Adrenal Crisis Emergency

My dear friend Janice was a 48-year-old in excellent health until 1999. She developed an upper respiratory infection, which became severe sudden onset of adult asthma. She was treated with large doses of prednisone over a year-long period. This caused her to develop a rare chronic disease – pituitary-adrenal gland insufficiency or secondary Addison’s disease. The occurrence is 1 out of 100,000. President Kennedy also had this disease.  Click on the following links to read more about Jan’s struggle with Addison’s Disease.

Jan’s Story – I’m Not Fat, I’m On Steroids 

February 24, 2002, Jan’s Story

February 20, 1998 Hip Placement Surgery

Jan’s Story – The Second Time Around

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