September 3, 2000

I decided yesterday that I had to take some action on my own. I emailed a doctor in the United States who specializes in menopause. I sent her a complete list of my symptoms and asked for her advice. I was amazed to receive an email back from her early this morning. Her email read in part, “You need to have your records reviewed by a GOOD endocrinologist as you are suspicious for Cushing’s syndrome….and the progestins/premarin with all their antibodies etc. will make you worse.”
(I noted in my email to her that I was taking progestin/premarin to appease my doctors).

She then wrote, “Here is a doctor to contact.” She gave me the name of the Hormone doctor in California as well as his address and email address.

She then went on to say, “He has done very well with patients other “experts” have told all the wrong information etc……see if he will review your case.”

Never has an email gone out faster than the one I sent to the hormone doctor today. Hopefully the man will take pity on me when he reads my list of symptoms.

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