December 15, 2000

I got a call from the lab technician at the country hospital this morning. I cannot even describe how I felt after hearing the news he had for me. Apparently the provincial lab refuses to process the tests that were taken at the country hospital from November 29 to December 6. These were the tests ordered by the American doctor.

I called the provincial lab in the afternoon and spoke to the director of the Lab. He informed me that yes they had received all the specimens from the country hospital. The director then went on to tell me that the provincial lab does not accept tests ordered by American doctors. He also told me that he had called The Old Man at the country clinic to see if he, as a Canadian doctor, would authorize these tests. The Old Man said, “No she does not have a problem that would warrant these tests especially not the Vitamin D and Insulin Resistance.” The director of the lab called Squirt and Squirt agreed with The Old Man. According to the director all my specimens were then dumped. This after I spent an hour and a half on November 29 being poked by needles in an attempt to get enough blood for all the tubes!

The audacity of these people! Here I have been secure in the knowledge that these important tests are being processed. I have been waiting with baited breath for the results! Now I know with absolute certainty that these medical professionals do not have my best interest at heart.

When I think about it I realize that hell would freeze over before a doctor in my country would authorize tests requested by an American Doctor. After all, the tests might just prove that I am actually sick. The doctors in my country would then have to eat crow – something they have never done before. They would rather jeopardize my health than take the risk of being upstaged by an American doctor.

I have realized three things about the medical professionals I have the privilege to see. The first is that the medical professionals I see definitely believe it is a great privilege for me to spend a few minutes in their presence. The second thing I have realized is that the medical professionals I see have a great buddy system. Basically it goes like this – “You watch my back and I’ll watch yours.” The third thing I have realized is that there is an unwritten law among the medical professionals I see. That law is never deviate from another physician’s diagnosis.

Christmas is almost here. I will stay away from the medical professionals for a while. Quite frankly I have had enough abuse to last me a lifetime. I will concentrate on Christmas and let the New Year bring what it will. It will be a wonderful Christmas. The whole family will be home. My son and daughter-in-law are flying in from the west coast.  I absolutely refuse to allow my symptoms to spoil my favourite time of the year. I will forge ahead and deal with the fall out after the New Year.


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