October 25, 2000

This morning I had a lovely surprise. I had sent some of my lab results to the menopause doctor in the United States. Part of her reply read as follows, “The estradiol was high if you were taking the premarin….if not…it was fine on its own…..you are probably Cushing’s because of your reaction to the medication.

She went on to say, “Not all doctors understand what lab values mean….so I am not surprised at all with your endo. Ear buzzing increases with progestins….and too much serotonin. Can also be part of a thyroid problem.”

I had an email from the Hormone Doctor on October 17th, telling me that he had received the films of my Adrenal CT Scans and my Pituitary CT Scans. An American radiologist who is very experienced in adrenal and pituitary CT scans will read these. I am anxious to see what the American radiologist has to say. Maybe there is some hope forming in my soul.

The response from the American doctors has been amazing. Wish I had this kind of response from my doctors.

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