October 27, 2000

This morning I received a phone call from the country hospital. The lab has consented to perform the tests ordered by the Hormone doctor. What a miracle! Since I have been pursuing this issue since October 8th, I really did not expect a positive reply today. Wonders never cease! My appointment for the blood work is on November 29th, at 8:00 AM. At that time I will be given the appropriate jugs so that I can complete the three 24 hour urine tests. Can I actually allow my hopes to rise? Will I finally get the tests that will bring this nightmare to a conclusion?

It was a godsend to receive the news about the lab this morning. I had to drive into the city for a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. Squirt was in fine form and he had a new idea and proposition. He felt that my symptoms might be the result of the diuretic and blood pressure pills I have been taking since the Blonde Bimbo put me on them in October 1999. I had no knowledge that could dispute his idea so I agreed to go off the diuretic and the blood pressure medications. Of course Squirt reiterated that he would not do any tests ordered by American doctors. Oh well, what Squirt does not know will not hurt him.

Squirt informed me that he is in the process of referring me to a new endocrinologist named Leprechaun. Squirt insisted that Leprechaun is the best in the city. Which prompts the question “Why did Squirt wait this long to refer me to the best? How does Squirt rate the Blonde Bimbo then? One really wonders about the games our medical professionals play! Squirt also made it abundantly clear that if Leprechaun finds nothing wrong with me then there is nothing wrong with me. Talk about inducing a feeling of peace and serenity! But then I have come to the conclusion that the medical professionals I have seen know absolutely nothing about inducing a sense of well being, peace and serenity in their patients. No, I am convinced that the medical professionals I have seen have a policy to keep their patients as up tight and stressed out as possible. After all what a better way to prove a patient has problems with “panic issues and depression!” If this keeps up when these medical professionals are done with me they will be able to label me certifiably insane!


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