September 21, 2000

On September 13, 2000 I sent the Hormone doctor two pictures of myself. One picture was taken in August 1996 and the other picture was taken in October 1999.

Today I had another email from him. He wrote, “Got the pictures – quite a change. You should be evaluated for Cushing’s. I would like you to have a 24-hour urine done for urinary free cortisol (UFC), 17Hydroxysteriods and creatinine. Also get a fasting insulin and glucose done.”

This should be an interesting assignment. I can just imagine the reaction of my doctors when I put forth that I want these tests done! I am sure the earth will shake and the heavens will rumble! And heaven help me when I tell them that I want these tests because an American doctor has requested them! I am quite sure the doctors here will consider this the ultimate betrayal!

However I am the one who should feel betrayed. I am turning into Bessie the porker and nothing is being done. My face looks like a big red balloon, my muscles are failing me, my bones are painful and the fatigue is out of control.

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