April 18, 2001

I went to see the Gypsy on April 14th and my husband accompanied me. It was a pleasant one hour drive to her office since the day was warm and sunny and spring was in the air. Gypsy was pleasant enough and actually listened to what I had to say. She told my husband that I certainly did not sound depressed. After answering a lot of questions and a thorough physical exam, Gypsy told me that her greatest concern was my weak leg muscles. She added that my sleep problems were a result of drinking too much diet Pepsi. This included the legs crawling and cramping, severe pain around my Achilles Tendons and the adrenaline rushes, all symptoms I have at night. She felt that only few of my symptoms could be the result of menopause. Quite frankly I was surprised that Gypsy did not address my abnormal lab values. No Name sent her a copy of all the pertinent lab reports. According to the Gypsy, the lump on each Achilles tendon is due to cholesterol. She told me she would write a summary letter to No Name and that she wanted to see me again on April 25th.

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