February 12, 2001

I finally called Squirt’s office today and asked if the results of the MRI had come in. His secretary told me that the MRI report stated that everything was normal. This is exactly what I had expected!

The pain in both Achilles Tendons is becoming worse. It is not an aching pain but a sharp and definite pain. It almost takes my breath away. A few weeks ago I noticed a lump on each Achilles tendon. Both lumps are about the size of a small egg and very painful to touch.

On Friday, I saw No Name. I told him only about my Achilles tendon problem. He asked about my cholesterol levels. No Name has ordered blood work that I need to get done this morning. No Name believes I have something called Xanthomata. This is a condition caused by high cholesterol. It can apparently cause lumps on a person’s Achilles Tendons.

In October 1999 my cholesterol levels were perfectly normal. Squirt told me that he wished his were as good as mine. A year later, in November 2000, my cholesterol levels were high at 6.1. Normal lab value range is 3.2 to 5.

MRI of the Brain – dictated on January 3, 2001

Procedure: Sagittal T1 weighted, axial proton density and T2 weighted images of the brain have been performed.

Findings: On the proton density and T2 weighted images, there are two tiny areas of increased signal intensity in the subcortical white matter of the left frontal and left parietal lobe. The findings are non-specific regarding etiology but likely represents early changes of age-related ischemic demyelination. There is no other evidence of an intracerebral mass lesion, hemorrhage, infarction or demyelination. No other intracranial abnormality is identified.

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