February 26, 2001

Went to my appointment with No Name on Friday. The purpose of this appointment was to get my lab results.

No Name was concerned about my low potassium levels and changed my diuretic to a potassium sparing one. He told me that I was definitely not a diabetic. I already knew that since I test at home. No Name stated that my cholesterol level was high at 6.2 but that it was not high enough to cause the condition known as Xanthoma. He had no explanation for the painful lump on each of my Achilles Tendons.

At this appointment I added a second symptom to the mix. I described my incredible thirst to No Name. My mouth becomes so dry that I cannot talk. The lining of my nose becomes so dry that it hurts. Each time I get up at night I also go to the bathroom. Each time I get up at night I am so thirsty that I drink at least 10 oz. of water. My June 2000 24 Hour Urine volumes were elevated. No Name told me that he suspects Diabetes Insipidus.

No Name also diagnosed me with Meniere’s Disease. Apparently Meniere’s disease explains the dizziness, nausea, hearing loss, tinnitus and disorientation I have been experiencing.

No Name is also concerned about my T4. He says that is too low.

I went for more blood work today as well. No Name had ordered a thyroid panel, Glucose Intolerance, Serum Cortisol AM and PM and a 24 Hour Urine Cortisol.

Spent too much time today feeling discouraged and angry.  Quite frankly, if I look hard enough I can usually find some humour dealing with .

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