October 28, 2001

The weather finally warmed up a little bit today. The blizzard last week caught us unprepared. Today we managed to pull the ladder out of the ice in the pool, put the winter cover on the pool and bring in all the pumps. After using a shovel to get the snow off the pool heater we got that covered as well.

We have very cold winters but usually the first heavy snowfall waits until the middle of November and sometimes even until the end of November. This year it came much too early.

For the last couple of weeks I have been trying to keep my mind off of my medical problems. After all the disappointments this past spring, summer and fall I needed to take a break. Quite frankly I could not stomach seeing another MD. When the time is right and I have a burst of energy I will probably make another appointment with one of my so called healers. I do need to start agitating the smarties so that I can get my provincial health insurance to pay for my medical care in the US. Trust me it will be a battle royal! The doctors I need to see to get the ball rolling will not give in gracefully. They will use the lip quiver, the “are you seeing another doctor” routine, the “you don’t know what you are talking about” routine and pure condescension to block my efforts. Oh well, at least I know what I am up against. I think that being aware of the obstacles is half the battle.

Saturday afternoon I dragged this body of mine over to the arena to watch my grandson’s hockey game.  Those 7 year olds sure can skate!  I am so thankful that I can still attend his games!  I wouldn’t want to miss those for the world.

My grandson announced last Wednesday that he has decided to go back to dance classes after all.  In September he told me that he had no intentions of ever going back. I think his little friend Allie has been talking to him at school and has persuaded him to dance again. This means that I will pick him up for dance every Monday night.

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