December 5, 2001

It has been a lazy day for me. We are expecting a total of 8 inches of snow by tomorrow.  It is good to take a day to just hang out, listen to music and reflect on things. Right now my favourite song is “No Limit” by Jock Jams 2. I need the beat to get me moving (use your imagination – just imagine a whale with body pain trying to move gracefully to music).

I had a phone call from the internist’s office on Monday. I was told my appointment has been scheduled for January 14. Oh Whoopee! When the secretary told me where the appointment would be I nearly had a fit!  Just my luck!  This internist I am suppose to see shares an office and consultation rooms with Supercilious!  I truly believe the gods are conspiring against me. Like there is a hope in hell that I will get an unbiased opinion! Supercilious and the internist share office and consultation space in a big teaching hospital in the city. Of course the hospital has a central record system. This means that the first information this internist will see about me is the wrong information Supercilious put in my files. I must have a sign tattooed on my forehead that says “Persecute Me Please!”

Actually this is becoming quite a comedy. Someday I will have to write a book called “The Persecution of Widebertha.”

“Vengeance is mine,” sayeth the Lord – but sometimes just sometimes I let my imagination run wild.

Seems like the terrible boil I have under my arm is finally starting to heal. Instead of being as big as a large egg it is now as big a small egg. The whole area around the boil is still very red and quite purplish towards the centre. However, it must be healing because all the skin around it is peeling.

Of course I realize that this is quite a frank and gross description. You would think, however, that one of those “smart guys” would be able to come up with one reason why I get these disgusting, painful boils.

When I ask my esteemed physicians why I get these boils I get a shrug of the shoulder, a shake of the head and the proverbial “I just don’t have any idea.” Such geniuses.

I will have to rethink the fact that I continue to try to entrust my medical care to shoulder shruggers!

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