November 28, 2001

Squirt telephoned me this morning at 9:00 AM and woke me up. After sleep disruptions all night long I had only fallen asleep at 7:30 AM.

Squirt informed me that he had made arrangements for me to see the internist. He told me that he had only told the internist about the diagnosis made by the Blonde Bimbo. I will know whether this is true or not by the way the internist reacts when I go to see him. Squirt went on to say that he had told the internist that I thought I was sick!  I really don’t understand this man and his motives. Why would he not tell the internist that HE thought I was sick – no, he tells him that I think I am sick! I can only presume that the internist will now have certain  ideas about me before I ever get to see him.

Squirt told me that the internist wanted me to have a thyroid panel done before my appointment and that he would also order a PTH test. Then he dropped the bombshell. Squirt told me that he did not feel it was necessary that I have the other three tests done that I had requested. (Calcium, IGF-1 and DHEA) He told me that he wanted an opinion from the internist before he would order these particular tests.

So the waiting game continues. I have no idea why Squirt or the other doctors I have seen find it so difficult to order tests that I suggest. It seems to me that they presume that patients are ignorant and therefore can not possibly have any idea what tests and treatment would be right for them. How long does a person have to suffer before doctors will actually listen?


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