December 17, 2001

Such a busy time – I really have to make an effort not to get stressed out and anxious. My body just does not do well with stress these days.

Managed to get out of the house by 11:00 AM this morning to run errands and do some more Christmas shopping. I am almost done – sure makes me wonder though why after 53 years I have not learned to start my shopping in September. Certainly would make life easier in December!

My first stop was the Travel Agency to pick up our tickets for our flight to Seattle on December 26th. This will be a much welcomed 10 day break. We will be returning on January 4th.

I had a haircut in the afternoon and I must say that my comfort level rose dramatically after that. Since my hairdresser is located in the same Mall as the Hustler, I decided to stop in and see if my medical records were ready to be picked up. HAHAHAHAHAH!

The girl at the front desk informed me that the Hustler never allowed people to get copies of their medical records. I informed her that I had been in on Friday afternoon to discuss this issue with the Hustler and that the Hustler had consented to release photocopies of my medical records. The dingbat at the front desk just repeated the big RULE about not releasing medical records. I asked her what kind of game she thought she was playing. I also asked her whether my Friday visit to the Hustler had been a complete waste of time. I informed her that I was quite prepared to take this issue up with the College of Physicians and Surgeons. In the meantime the Hustler joined us at the front desk. I guess he decided to check out the annoyed “customer”. He asked me for the upteenth time whether I was absolutely sure that I wanted copies of my medical records. I just gave him “the look” and he quickly informed the girl at the front desk to go ahead and make the photocopies. The Hustler told me to come back later in the week and promised again that my records would be ready for me.

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