January 17, 2002

Today I am angry – very angry. I had the PV Lung Scan on Tuesday morning. I have been sitting here for three days wondering what the heck is going on! No one has bothered to call. I guess right sided heart failure is just a silly little inconvenience.

Quite frankly I am not sure I believe this diagnosis. Dingaling was so adamant on Monday about NOT checking for Cushing’s or any other problem associated with the adrenal or pituitary glands. His big excuse was that I had been thoroughly examined by several endocrinologists.

Let me give you a quick update on the diagnostic skills of these endocrinologists. The first endo, Blonde Bimbo got her knickers in a twist when I didn’t recover according to her expectations! The last time I saw her was in June, 2000 and she threw a hissy fit because my husband was with me. She went on to tell me that I was fat, depressed and menopause. She threw fibromylagia into the mix as well. I have never claimed to be a mental giant but I am intelligent enough to figure out what a diagnosis of fat, depression, menopause and fibromylgia means.

Then there was the Leprechaun. He of course agreed that I was fat, depressed and menopausal. He could not possibly disagree with the Bimbo’s diagnosis. He threw my carefully constructed symptom list into a corner. When Leprechaun looked at my pictorial history he started to laugh and said “My you are fat!” I figured the idiot could have told me something I didn’t already know! He spent all of 10 minutes with me. He never even checked my blood pressure. I kept my winter coat on throughout the consultation. In the end his solution was go give me a prescription for diet pills which I have never filled. I have come to the conclusion that Leprechaun’s real purpose in life is to see “women like me” and make sure we have received our full quota of insults for the year! After all he wouldn’t want us to get too cocky.

Then there was Supercilious. This arrogant excuse for an endocrinologist had two residents interview me. After receiving my medical records from the hospital where Supercilious has his clinic, I was horrified to read that the residents never bothered to get my answers right. Quite frankly I have no idea what dimension they were in when they wrote down my answers to their questions. Maybe they “took a little trip but never left the farm!” Supercilious did a Water Deprivation Test. The test turned out to be a mess because all but one of the blood samples were
hemolyzed. My Vasopressin levels came back below normal. But this did not deter Supercilious from declaring that there was nothing wrong with me but a little depression and a lot of fat. I find it amusing that these so called medical professionals are so self absorbed that they cannot tell the difference between depression and pure unadulterated anger!

So here I sit and wait. These geniuses I am dealing with do not have the common courtesy to let me know what is going on with my body. I am more and more convinced that this right heart failure business is a ploy to get me to run in the opposite direction as fast as I can go. No one holds these keepers of the key to medical care accountable for what they do and do not do. Makes me wonder what they think about 53 year old women. I guess these medical wonder boys think once you hit 53 life is basically over. If they did not believe this they would take me and my problems much more seriously.

Oh yes, I have gained 22 lbs in the last 5 days! But that is what happens when a person has edema and is told to stop taking a diuretic! When I was in emergency with the potassium crisis, the all knowing Squirt told me to stop taking the potassium sparing diuretic I was on. He, of course, never heard the part about it being a “potassium sparing” diuretic. I have been off the diuretics since last week Thursday. Even medically uneducated me knows that if you have right sided heart failure it is not a good thing to be retaining this much fluid!

I wonder if and when some of these healers will be held accountable for their actions? They are a rather fortunate lot – they get to bury their mistakes without consequences.

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