January 24, 2002

We made another trip to the city today.  Again my darling daughter kept me company.  This time I had to go the city hospital where Dingaling has his office for a Methacoline Challenge. My appointment was at 2:00 PM.  It turned out to be various types of breathing tests with the last one a Ventolin Challenge.  The technicians decided because my breathing fell within normal limits they would do the Ventolin Challenge instead of the Methacoline Challenge.  What could I say – I know nothing about these tests..  I guess the Ventolin challenge did not do what it was suppose to do or what they thought it would do.  After the Ventolin Challenge I was told that because I had had the Ventolin today I could not have the Methacoline today.  They scheduled me to come back tomorrow at 2:00 PM. This means a 50 minute drive into the city again tomorrow.  Wish the medical people could get their act together.  I was originally scheduled for the Methacoline challenge – why these technicians decided to change it is beyond me.  They gave me some mumbo jumbo explanation – like I could understand.  I guess what it boiled down to was that I was much to weary to really care what they did and what medication I inhaled.

The nice thing about today was that my daughter and I got to have a lovely lunch after the tests.  I am so fortunate that she is my daughter.  She is the mommy of my darling grandson.  I have been told by my grandson that I can no longer call him darling in public.  He says, “Nana do you know how embarrassing it is?”  They think they are so grown-up at 7.

This is off topic but my dad gave me an old cow bell to ring at my grandson’s hockey games.  Well, Grandson was not impressed and told me I had no permission to bring that horrible thing with me to the games.   Guess I better leave the bell at home!

After my appointments today the fatigue set in before I got home.  That 50 minute drive seemed to take forever.  Having my daughter with me made it bearable. I guess tomorrow will be a repeat performance of today.

I wonder when and if I will ever get the results of these tests I did today!  Still waiting for test results done on January 14th.

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