January 25, 2002

We have had such a lovely winter until now. It was so cold today that the wind just took your breath away. My daughter and I almost froze to death just walking from the parking lot to the hospital. I hope it warms up soon!

Today I had the Methacoline Challenge. My lungs did not react to the medication until the last dose was given. The technician told me that people with asthma usually have a reaction when the second dose is given. By the time I reacted I had had a least 6 doses. However, I realized then why I was being given this test. Squirt and Dingaling decided that maybe I had asthma. The only time I have ever been short of breath or had a hard time breathing was between January 15th and January 18th. It was during this time that I was off the diuretic and retaining fluid so badly. Now this sounds like a perfectly reasonable explanation to be short of breath.

The technician told me that the results would be sent to Dingaling since he ordered the breathing tests. This means I may never get the results.

This morning before I left for the city, I faxed Squirt the name and number of the out of province endocrinologist. I hope I have done the right thing. I trust the man about as far as I can throw him. His secretary claims he will be working on the referral letter over the weekend. I will not hold my breath.

I was told today that my airfare to the Sleep Clinic will be paid for by my health care provider. I still feel very leery about this trip but I am sure I will survive – I always do.

Today is Friday and I am so happy this week is over. How awful when a person actually wishes their life away, day by day and week by week. Our grandson is coming tonight for his Friday night sleepover. Papa and Grandson have picked out a movie to watch. I have promised Grandson I would help him chat. He hears my friends come on line and he is in the den before I realize that anyone has knocked. Tonight we will chat with my son/Grandson’s uncle. Should be fun.

We have two hockey games to go to this weekend. One game is on Saturday afternoon and the other one late Sunday afternoon. Our grandson’s team has done really well winning the last 4 games they have played. Maybe I will sneak my cow bell to the arena! Great grandpa would get a kick out of that!




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